Unofficial Town Council Forum

Unofficial Town Council Forum

Tamara Fox is part of a group of Creston residents currently organizing a question-and-answer forum for the town council and mayoral candidates. This communication is from her:

Why a forum? As you may know, the Chamber of Commerce has put together a “Meet the Candidates” evening already, however this event (as covered in the Creston Valley Advance) offers no chance for citizens to pose publicly answered questions in a forum like setting. They have done this due to the sheer number of candidates running. We feel that electing an official based upon a three minute speech is not quite satisfactory and have taken it upon ourselves to host a separate session for just the council and mayoral candidates.

We are contacting you (Creston Valley Food Action Coalition) because we would like community groups to be involved and feel welcome, and we would love to respectfully ask for your group’s public sponsorship. We are accepting donations at the door, simply to cover the cost of renting the hall, however, no one should feel obligated to donate.

We are asking this because we feel the more people involved, the more opinions will be heard. The more public support we can gather, the more eyes will be on the candidates. Creston is our home, and we as a group would like to ensure that those in office sincerely have the best interests of the Creston people in mind.

You can find our online forum on Facebook at There is also a list of questions we as a group have decided on. Those attending the forum will have the opportunity to add their own questions to the list as well.

If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Tamara through the Facebook group. Find the event information below.

Unofficial Town Council Forum
What: A community organized event intended for Creston residents to ask questions of their council and mayoral candidates in a forum setting.
When: Sat, November 12, 1:00pm – 3:30pm
Where: Rotacrest Hall

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  1. Reply Jerry Schmalz

    Hi. I’m not very versed on the way that facebook works but I would like to make comments about the questions that are being asked of town council candidates. Could you give me some direction. Thanks Jerry Schmalz

    1. Reply admin

      Jerry, I’m not privvy to the details, but I was asked to publicize the forum and have done so. You’d be best going to their link on Facebook (in the article) then clicking on the ‘Ask to Join Group’ button top right. Then you’ll be able to ask questions there. If, after a time, you’d prefer not to remain in the group, it’s easy enough to leave again. Thanks for commenting!

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