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Harvest Share gleans unwanted fruit to help reduce conflict with bears and other wildlife; and shares this produce with the community.

Harvest Share is a non-profit program implemented by the Creston Valley Food Action Coalition in 2008. Our focus is to reduce the amount of fresh produce that goes to waste here in our valley, and make this produce available to picking volunteers and local service agencies who assist individuals and families in need. We operate through the generosity of local Creston residents. People with fruit/nut trees, gardens and berry bushes invite us to their home to harvest the abundance of produce. The harvest is then split three ways: between the owner of the property, the picking volunteers and local service agencies. The harvest season started June 29th, 2015 this past season. Contact us if you’d like to get involved!

Our Harvest Share season 2020 has begun!  We are out in the valley harvesting and sharing food!
Are you interested in receiving food?
Are you interested in helping us harvest food?
Do you have some food to donate?
or email the Harvest Share Coordinator at:  crestonharvestshare@gmail.com
Hot off the Presses!
This is what we have accomplished in September 2020:  
Harvested – 2650 lbs.
Distributed – 1995 lbs. 
Picking Events:  15 
 in August 2020:  
Harvested 2225 lbs.
Distributed 1695 lbs.
Picking Events:  11
A special thank you to the volunteers at the Picking Events!  It is because of you that we were able to do so much this summer!
Come back for more information and updates!


Prince Charles Secondary School.

Therapeutic Activation Program for Seniors.

College of the Rockies.

Erickson Covenant Church.

Creston Valley Food Bank.





Grace Christian Fellowship.

Seventh Day Adventist.