Volunteers Needed!

Volunteers Needed!

1. FARMERS’ MARKET. Jen Comer, our Farmers’ Market manager, has been doing a super job! But she could use some volunteers on Saturday mornings to help her set up and take down our banners, tables and chairs, etc. You have probably seen our CVFAC/FM booth at the market, and we could also use volunteers to staff it, as market shoppers often stop by to inquire about local food, pick up our FarmFresh guide, etc. This is a fun thing to do, being part of the market from the inside. If you are available during all or part of a Saturday morning, please contact Jen at 250-977-5362 or cvfarmersmarket@gmail.com.

2. HARVEST SHARE. Coordinator Alexandra Dansereau is on the job! If you have fruit or other produce you’d like to have picked, or wish to volunteer your time as a picker, please contact Alexandra at 250-402-3291 or crestonharvestshare@gmail.com . A portion of the harvest goes to the home owners if they want it, a portion to the food bank, and a portion to the volunteers; so this is a great way to get free fruit for yourself while you help out people who can’t use or gather their produce, share food with people in need, and prevent wasted produce.

3. CRESTON VALLEY FALL FAIR will be here September 10th and 11th! FAC member Randy Meyer presides over our local agricultural fair, and we’re all invited. The FAC should have an informational booth at the fair, so if you are able to help design and/or staff the booth (during Friday 2:00-10:00 and Saturday 10:00-7:00), please contact Jeanne Kay Guelke at jkg@wynndel.ca . Also, if you would like to share booth space with the FAC (as was done by some growers/vendors at the CV Home and Garden Show) please let Jeanne know. The Fall Fair should be a fun activity, and a great opportunity to get the word out about local foods and supporting local agriculture. The website is http://www.crestonvalleyfallfair.com .

Please also enter your home-grown produce or home-made foods in the competitions! There are many categories to choose from. The website contains all of the food categories and entry forms. The entry deadline is September 6.

4. The GLEANERS FOOD BANK will take any of your surplus fresh garden produce. If your neighbours don’t want your extra zucchini, the Food Bank staff will give it to people who do. They are open on Tuesdays and Fridays.

Jeanne Kay Guelke, President

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