Harvest Share Community Partner Registration

Want to help us use the produce we pick?

It’s the support of the community that allows us to grow.

  • Livestock (pigs? Chickens?) that would love fallen fruit as feed. As well, a large compost that could handle fallen fruit. We are interested in partnering with you!
  • Sometimes we can’t distribute everything before it over ripens, if you have freezer space or sturdy freezer bags you’d like to share, we’d love to partner with you!
  • If you have a food dehydrator, juicer, nut dryer, canning equipment, anything to do with food processing available to share, we’d like to hear from you!
  • As well, local businesses, social programs, charities, events interested in partnering, maybe we can help provide fresh local produce!

We are open to any other ideas and potential partnerships that can help support our program and give back to the community.


Harvest Share Community Partner Registration
eg. we have pigs that would eat fallen fruit, we have food processing equipment you can use, etc.