Harvest Share Program

Harvest Share Program

Each year in the Creston Valley tonnes of backyard and orchard produce falls to the ground unharvested. This waste either becomes bear attractant or puts added pressures on our community’s landfill, and impacts our ability to feed ourselves with fresh, healthy food. Meanwhile, the less fortunate are too often unable to access this bounty.

The Harvest Share Program is designed to reduce the amount of food wasted in the Creston Valley, support social and charity organizations, encourage local food sourcing and reduce bear-human conflict. An important part of the program is to educate people to harvest and donate their excess fruit and vegetables to those who need them. If you have excess produce, here is a list of the participating organizations:

The following organizations will accept good quality perishable food. Since everyone should have access to healthy food, the produce donated has to be free of mold and insects. Please call before drop-off to make sure the organization can store and/or use the food at the moment.

* Food Bank: (250) 428-4166 (Mondays and Fridays 9am-1pm)
* Therapeutic Activation Program (TAPS): (250) 428-5585
* Presbyterian Church: (250) 428-9745
* New Life Church: (250) 428-5975
* Wednesday Lunches at Trinity United Church: Linda Price (250) 428-4632 / 428-4015
* Creston and District Community Resource Center Society: (250) 428-5547
* Kootenai Community Center/ Drop-off at the New Life Furniture (112 Northwest Boulevard): (250) 254-5055

For senior people, physically or mentally challenged people, or people unable to harvest their tree, the Harvest Share Program can organize a group of volunteers to come to the person’s property and harvest their tree. This is free of charge and the harvested produce will be separated three-ways, equally between the tree owners, the volunteer pickers, and a social or charity organization. Priority will be given to senior people and physically or mentally challenged people. Please call ahead, before fruit is ripe, to allow pick and redistribution coordination. Ripe fruit goes bad fast!

The Harvest Share Program is also recruiting volunteers who would be interested to come for picks and bring home a portion of the produce harvested.

If you have any questions or if you are interested in joining the Harvest Share Program, please contact the Harvest Share Program coordinator, Dennis Charles, by email at: crestonharvestshare@gmail.com or by phone at (250)254-3240

Project contact information:
Dennis Charles
Harvest Share Program Coordinator

*This program has been made possible thanks to the financial support of Columbia Basin Trust and the Town of Creston. Picking equipment donated by Bear Aware.

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