Harvest Share is now Online

Harvest Share is now Online

2014; Thank You!….. Just so it’s out there

To all the volunteers, homeowners and folks at the social agencies thank you for making last year possible. And thanks again to Jenny and Rick Faynor, Bill Truscott, Barb and Frank Wloka, Regan Ottenson and Betty Armitage  for the generous donations of produce to the Creston Valley his past year.

2015 Update

As the valley is aware, it’s been a hot summer and everything is early. It was an interesting and busy July and we had some fun picking cherries.¬† We hosted a couple of cherry processing workshops at New Life Church, they are some very nice people there! We did pitting, sorting, freezing, juicing, and made jams. We also did some small scale dehydrating. Cherries are a fickle and delicious fruit.

Moving Forward in August

Pears and plums are coming… Will post about upcoming workshop and education opportunities!

Thank you for reading, technology is amazing!

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