Growing The Creston Valley

Growing The Creston Valley

The next segment of Growing in the Creston Valley Series being offered in partnership between
Creston’s Food Action Coalition and the Public Library is set for Monday, January 16th at 7pm in
the Library Meeting Room.
Every month we will look at either how commercial growers here in
the valley produce the food we all eat or concentrate on an aspect of gardening skills that we
can use at home. This month join Lisa Browne a dairy farmer from Herbada Farms as she explains
the ins and outs of dairy farming and helps dispel some persistent myths.

Lisa and her husband Daryl were both born to dairy farming families in the Fraser Valley and
bought his parents out in 2003. They quickly outgrew the old farm and leaving behind 100 years
of family history on the same farm moved to Creston in 2011. Currently milking 60 cows, Jersey
and Holsteins, the Browne family is also very involved in the 4-H programs with the children
having sheep and beef on the side. They offer other young people in 4-H the opportunity to
borrow animals that don’t have a place to keep them thus giving everyone the opportunity to
participate. The Browne family is very involved with the Creston Valley Fall Fair as well and loves
seeing the animal section growing even bigger each year.

What does a dairy farmer do? How do you feed a cow for milk production? How do you raise the
next generation of milkers? How are antibiotics managed on farm? What testing and regulations
do dairies and milk go through? All this and more! Come and learn how many families in Creston
work hard to provide a great product to the Canadian food system.

Also speaking this evening is Kim Charlesworth of the Kootenay and Boundary Food Producers
The KBFPC is on the ground trying to support farmers and local agriculture to be a viable
business within the context of a food system that does not support local production. They
started in 2015 with market brokerage and distribution which is challenging. They are interested
in expanding their membership in the Creston Valley. Bring your questions!

Kim’s other hat is as the Agriculture and Food Systems spokesperson for the BC Green Party.
After the meeting feel free to share with her your ideas of what needs to change to keep healthy
local food affordable while still allowing local producers to make a living. Take advantage of the
opportunity while she is in town to have your voice heard.


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