About the Creston Vally Food Action Coalition

What do we do?

The CVFAC is a non-profit organization. We are a network of local food producers, agricultural agencies and concerned citizens working to create awareness of how we can better feed ourselves using local resources in a sustainable, healthy, secure and environmentally sound way. We run local food initiatives such as the Creston Valley Farmers’ Market and Harvest Share. We also partner with College Of The Rockies on the Dan McMurray Community Seed Bank, and with the Creston Public Library on their Locavore Book Club Speaker Series.

When do we meet?

We meet the third Monday of the month, September – June at the Creston Public Library meeting room at 7 pm for a series of speakers and events. In the 2015-2016 season we have partnered with the Creston Public Library in a series of speakers addressing locavore skill building at these monthly meetings.

Join Us!

Our annual membership gives you a chance to have a say in what happens with the CVFAC, and comes with a TON of awesome LOCAL DEALS AND DISCOUNTS! You can sign up online using the button below or pick up your membership card at our booth at the Farmers’ Market or at our monthly meeting. Thank you for supporting our work!

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Why do we care about local food?

The Economics...

1. More dollars kept locally.
2. Making local farms viable.
3. Buying bulk in season is affordable!
4. Growing your own veggies is even cheaper.

Better Food...

9. Freshness Counts
10. Fewer Toxins
11. Better Nutritional Value
12. Better Flavour.

The Environment...

5. Less food miles.
6. More biodiversity.
7. Less chemicals.
8. Less packaging.

Local Food...

13. Keeps us in touch with nature
14. Every meal has a story
15. More variety
16. Informed food choices.


Let's Grow
The CVFAC supports the development of a sustainable food system; one where local food may be produced and harvested in a manner that maintains and enhances the quality of land, air and water for future generations, and in which people are able to earn a living wage in a safe and healthy working environment  growing, producing, and harvesting food.
Let's Eat
The CVFAC works to promote the access to and consumption of locally-grown foods to strengthen our community’s economic, environmental, social, and physical wellbeing.
Let's Share
The CVFAC is committed to the development of a secure food system where all people at all times have an adequate quantity and quality of culturally and personally acceptable food. This is essential to the health of our community, and requires cooperation among many different sectors, including housing, social policy, agriculture, education, and community, cultural, voluntary and charitable groups, and businesses.