Where’s The Beef?

Where’s The Beef?

The next segment of Growing in the Creston Valley Series being offered in partnership between Creston’s Food Action Coalition and the Public Library is set for Monday, May 15th at 7pm in the Library Meeting Room. Every month we will look at either how commercial growers here in the valley produce the food we all eat or concentrate on an aspect of gardening skills that we can use at home. This month join Tom Tarzwell as he explains the ins and outs of beef farming and helps dispel some persistent myths.

Tom, following in his father’s footsteps, has been raising beef for over 30 years. At one time all of the beef was shipped to auction out of the valley, now everything is sold to local customers at farm gate or farmers’ market.

Tom and Leanne are proud to provide customers with beef that has been born, raised, fed, harvested, cut and wrapped locally. To Tarzwell Farms “locally grown” means more than just being born and raised in the Creston Valley. It also means utilizing the local resources available; they always endeavor to shop locally and if at all possible purchase even all of their equipment, supplies, feed and any feedlot animals here.

Raising animals ethically and naturally is also paramount; healthy happy animals produce healthy calves and grow to maturity faster and more efficiently. To Tom and Leanne “naturally raised” means giving their animals the best feed time to grow naturally without artificial means. No hormones are ever used and antibiotics are only used when necessary.

Owning their own government certified abattoir means they can continue to maintain that level of quality right through packaging. All beef is government inspected and graded ‘AA’ of better.

What does a beef farmer do? What do beef cattle eat, how is that produced? How do you raise the next generation of calves? How are antibiotics managed on farm? What testing and regulations do beef farmers follow in Canada compared with other countries?  All this and more! Come and learn how many families in Creston work hard to provide a great product to the Canadian food system.


where's the beef


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